Myth #5 Lesbian bed death


False: Long-term couples of all kinds experience a drop in sexual activity. 🛌


“Lesbian bed death" refers to when lesbians in long-term relationships have sex extremely infrequently or stop having it altogether.  


It could be traced back to a 1983 study that reported that lesbian couples had sex less often than other couples (hetero/married, hetero/cohabitating, gay males).


This conclusion became a point of contention within the social psychology community. Criticisms pointed to the demographic of the respondents, the ambiguous and phallocentric wording of the survey questions, or even the finding's reliance on gender socialization theory. And, what is considered "sex" anyway? 


More modern research on the topic shows that all long-term couples, regardless of sexual orientation, experience a drop in sexual activity. In short, it's not just a lesbian thing.😊


    Serena Lo
    Klero, Founder