Founder's Note

We're almost a quarter into the 21st century, yet the topic of sex remains a challenging one for many to contemplate, discuss, or even experience, even though it's what got us all here in the first place.

The complexity of this subject is no one's fault. It's filled with shame-filled messages from our cultures, religions, and social circles. On top of that, feelings about ourselves and what we've personally experienced also play a significant role in influencing our comfort level with sex. With all of that considered, it's not surprising that it can be a tough topic to broach.

As a queer, cis-woman, I've navigated my own intricate path through issues of sexuality, body image, and sex. It was during a 'ho phase' that I began to challenge societal norms about sex, recognizing the importance of my pleasure, and realizing that in matters of sex, I have the power to define my own path. (I guess you could even say that Klero was sparked by a 'ho phase'!)

Klero is my answer to these revelations. Our mission is to empower women to feel confident and empowered during their most intimate moments, whether alone or with their partner(s).

By combining pleasure education with our products, we aim to enable women to champion their own pleasure and feel good about doing so. We are all powerful and beautiful, and it's time we celebrate that.


Serena (she/her)

our values


We champion open discussions about sex and intimacy as key to destigmatizing these topics and reducing shame. Our aim is to equip our community with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their sexual health.


Recognizing that everyone brings a unique blend of characteristics, life experiences, and DNA, we approach every interaction with deep compassion and respect. Our aim is to foster a platform where each individual feels heard, understood, and valued. We're dedicated to creating an environment of empathy and care, ensuring that our community always finds a supportive and understanding space.


We believe that integrity and transparency are vital in building trust with our community and business partners. We main to make a positive difference in the world through responsible and ethical business practices.