Myth #4 Painful Sex is Normal


False: Sex should never be painful. 🙅‍♀️ Far too many women and vulva-owners endure or tolerate painful sex because they think it’s normal.


If you are experiencing painful sex, please see a health professional. It is often treatable and could be caused by an underlying physical health condition. Common causes include vaginismus, endometriosis, abdominal surgery or scar tissue, menopause/vaginal dryness, birth trauma, UTIs/STIs, nerve damage, or vulvodynia.


Painful sex can also be caused if you are not getting desirable or pleasurable touch. This is why sexual communication is so important and learning how to listen to your own body. 


You deserve happy, healthy, pleasurable sex, that is always free of unpleasant pain. ❤️


    Alice Child
    Somatic Sexologist and Sex Coach