Myth #3 Women should come with penetration alone

False: Most women and vulva-owners do not orgasm from penetrative sex alone💥


Depending on which study you read, around 80% of women need some form of external clitoral stimulation (hands, vibration, tongue, grinding, etc.) in order to reach orgasm. 


Plus, people who do come with penetration are getting a lot of stimulation on the internal clitoris via the clitoral bulbs and/or legs. So really, both penetrative and external orgasms are BOTH clitoral orgasms - you are just stimulating different parts. 🤯


Lastly, remember that all kinds of sex (intercourse, outercourse, oral, anal, fingering, etc.) is sex. Just because there isn’t P-to-V penetration or orgasm does not mean it isn’t ‘sex’.


    Alice Child
    Somatic Sexologist and Sex Coach